WilsonPro Cloud License 12 Months – 980042

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  • WilsonPro Cloud provides:
    • Customizable email and text alert notifications, including notification if the amplifier goes offline.
    • Performance and signal level reporting and history.
    • .PDF Report generation.
    • Donor antenna “tuning” tool. Assists with installation of a directional antenna.
    • Organization of monitored amplifiers by customer and location.
    • Ability to remotely turn bands on and off, and amplifier reset.
  • Helps installers and integrators to promote extended service plans for helping their clients maintain their wireless signal enhancing systems made by Wilson Electronics.
  • Provides end users with high reliability and guaranteed uptime.

WilsonPro Cloud Is Unlike Any Other Solution Offered By Competition:

  • Most competitors offer a connection to their amplifier, not an intermediate “Cloud”
  • If their amplifier is not working, there will not be a connection and no way for a notification to occur if their signal amplifier loses power.
  • End users DO NOT typically allow third party equipment to connect to their internal networks. The Pro1000C built-in LTE connection solves this problem.
    • Some competitors claim to offer a built-in LTE modem; However, it isn’t clear how this is legitimate, as their solutions do not come with a SIM card or LTE data connection.
    • The Pro1000C was granted PTCRB carrier certification for the LTE modem to be allowed on carrier networks.
  • WilsonPro Cloud access is free! We do not charge a per-seat license fee. We do charge $299.99/year cost after the first year, for an amplifier to connect and store data on the WilsonPro Cloud. THIS IS NOT JUST AN LTE MODEM CHARGE. This fee covers database administration and performance data storage on the WilsonPro Cloud. For that reason, the cost is $299.99/ year, whether that amplifier is connected to the cloud via LTE or “hardwired” ethernet.

Installing Versus Monitoring:

In addition to the Installer/ Integrator, system monitoring could be performed by:

  • Building/Home Owner.
  • I.T. Manager.
  • Property Management.

Or some combination of the above.

A distinction needs to be made between the individual/organization doing installation, and the individual/organization monitoring the Pro1000C system via their WilsonPro Cloud account. The term we have chosen for any individual/organization with a WilsonPro Cloud account is a Monitor.